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International Review for the Sociology of Sport: SAGE Journals

Access Check Our systems have detected unusual traffic activity from your network. Please complete this Captcha to demonstrate that it’s you making the requests and not a robot. Sociology of sport, alternately referred to as sports sociology, is a sub-discipline of sociology which focuses on sports as social phenomena.

It is an area of study concerned with various socio-cultural structures, patterns, and organizations or groups involved with sport. There are many perspectives through which sport can be viewed. Therefore, very often some binary divisions are stressed, such as: professional vs. In most premodern societies, the gender role for females and males in sports was reinforced at a young age.

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The sociology that formed surrounding sports enforced the idea that sports were too masculine for women and are encouraged to play noncompetitive games while men were able to compete. The impact of sports and games was to prepare young children for adulthood. 19th century, when first social psychological experiments dealing with group effects of competition and pace-making took place. Jean-Marie Brohm in “Sport: A Prison of Measured Time” presents a Marxist critique of organized sport as an instrument of indoctrination and subordination. Rowe, David C, and William N.

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